CSY Website Preview


Over the past few months, I’ve been working to help a local Christian school redo their website. It’s taking longer than originally anticipated to fully complete, but I wanted to post a preview on...


Pizza & Pinball Night


Last Thursday, the men’s group from my church gathered to enjoy some pizza and pinball. We went to a family member’s house of one of our guys. Their basement is setup as an arcade...


February 2014 Snow Photos

  • IMG_0867
  • IMG_0923
  • IMG_0837
  • IMG_0917
  • IMG_0932
  • IMG_0892
  • IMG_0890
  • IMG_0882
  • IMG_0879
  • IMG_0872
  • IMG_0866
  • IMG_0860
  • IMG_0884
  • IMG_0857
  • IMG_0854
  • IMG_0853
  • IMG_0848
  • IMG_0846
  • IMG_0845
  • IMG_0927

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been getting a lot of snow here in the Northeast. With all the snow, I decided to test out my new camera, the Canon ELPH 115 IS, and...


February 2014 Site Update


First off, welcome to the newest version of my site. With this version, I’ve decided to change the focus a bit, mainly so I’ll end up posting here more. The main goals of my...